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0:00 - Introduction

0:37 - Neuendorf’s childhood in rural Pewaukee, youth in Wauwatosa, and post-secondary education at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

3:27 - Influences of McConnell’s parents and education at Beloit College

5:48 - McConnell encounters sexism working at the Blood Center of Wisconsin and Briggs and Stratton

9:38 - Neuendorf’s dating experiences at University of Wisconsin Milwaukee and her marrying her ex-husband

11:29 - Neuendorf’s experiences as a working mother and the deterioration of her marriage

16:50 - Women’s support groups and the Counseling Center of Milwaukee, and Neuendorf becoming aware of her sexual identity

19:52 - McConnell becoming aware of her sexual identity through a women’s baseball league, attempting to meet partners at the Sugar Shack bar, and her first lesbian relationships

23:37 - The beginning of Neuendorf and McConnell's relationship, Neuendorf coming out to her children and parents

25:39 - Conversing about McConnell’s mother’s “guilt” over raising a lesbian daughter and genetic influences on sexual orientation

27:53 - The Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, lesbian diversity and debates about restricting attendance to biological women

31:16 - Childhood, camping, and the outdoors

33:10 - Influence of parents on self-esteem and gender roles, and passing on family support

35:46 - Confronting problems with health insurance and family medical leave for non-married couples

36:54 - Children’s marriages and conclusion of interview