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Sylvia Beach to Jane Heap

Autograph Letter Signed, September 20, 1921

Kampf um Afrika

Gift of Henry Wend

The History of the Reign of Henry the Second, and of Richard and John, His Sons; with the Events of the Period, from 1154 to 1216.

"May be considered, in one sense, as a continuation of the [author's] ... Abeillard and Heloisa." -- Pref.

An Analysis of the Laws of England

5th ed. ; Autograph: Danl. Farnham 1770; John Hay Farnham 1826; J.B. Dudley.

Colour Versions of William Blake's Book of Job Designs

"Plates printed by collotype and hand coloured using the pochoir method at the Trianon Press, Paris"--Colophon.


Illustrations to the Divine Comedy of Dante

A slightly enlarged version ; the drawings of the ed. priv. print. by E. Walker Limited for the subscribers of the National Art-Collections Fund, London, 1922, have been reproduced in facsimile.


The Works of William Blake, Poetic, Symbolic, and Critical

v. 1. Memoir. Literary period. The symbolic system -- v. 2. Interpretation and paraphrased commentary. Blake the artist. Some references -- v. 3. The books.

Botticelli; Drawings for Dante's Inferno

Contains facsimiles of all the extant drawings of Botticelli for the Inferno, and nine engravings designed by Botticelli, from the 1481 Landino edition of Dante, with quotations from the cantos of Longfellow's translation and a commentary by theā€¦


The Epitaph-Writer

Pt. I. Contains general epitaphs of two and four lines each.--pt. II. Epitaphs on various characters and relations in life.--pt. III. Humorous and satirical epitaphs, designed as satires on vice and folly.