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Handmade paper in irregular shape to form a skyline ; folded accordion style (131 X 15 cm.) in a folder ; The graphics have been formed by a combination of collaged pieces of paper and colored paper pulp which has been added to the surface of the…


The Other Place

"Limited edition portfolio of 16 prints by American artist Bob Erickson and Northern Irish artist Keith Wilson with a poem by William Lawlor. Each artist made images that explore and investigate the natural environment in and around the other's home.…


Ink on the Elbow

Selected correspondence, spanning over four years, between printers Esselmont and Schanilec. Includes a number of color linocuts by Esslemont and an engraved panorama of Esslemont's home in Wales by Schanilec. Contains also ink jet prints and sample…


The Bicycle Diaries : One New Yorker's journey through 9-11

On the morning of September 11, 2001, Richard Goodman, like many New Yorkers, was on his way to work. As he crossed Madison Avenue, he looked south to see one of the World Trade Center Towers 'bellowing smoke.' He wrote, 'I could set my position in…



[This finished book was lithographically printed on paper and covers handcrafted by the artist Lidia Paladino in the international workshop of Villa del Parque, of the artist Rafael Gil. It consists of applications of collage and chiné…


A Book of Saints and Wonders

"Two hundred copies of this book have been printed upon paper made in Ireland, and published by Elizabeth Corbet Yeats at the Dun Emer Press, in the house of Evelyn Gleeson." -- Colophon.


Paradise Lost

"Paradise Lost is about nuclear tests in the Marshall Islands conducted by the US in the 40's and 50's. It focuses on the first two explosions on Bikini Atoll in 1946. The Bikinians were told that testing the bomb was essential to prevent future…


Standing Place

"I take students to New Zealand every two years, and in doing that have made good friends at a Maori Marae, which is a tribal meetinghouse. This is the story of their parents. Ned Nathan joined the Maori Battalion at the start of World War II. Like…


The Foragers

"A Memory Palaces production by Lane Hall, including aphorisms, exercises and textual fragments from The Elementary Spelling Book, Noah Webster (1829). Images from field collection, specimen scans and foraging."--Colophon.



Artist's book consisting of: 2 heavy stock leaves covered in paper illustrated with drawings of wild grasses; attached between these leaves are 2 strips of accordion-folded paper with similar illustration; affixed to each fold is a set of 4…