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The Art of Love

Translation of Ars Amatoria

Ovid's Metamorphoses, in Fifteen Books

"The eleventh, in this Twenty-sixth Series of the fine books made for the members of this Club ... fifteen etchings to serve as half-titles to the fifteen books ... The type for the text is the twelve-point of Centaur, and the marginalia are set in…

The Eclogues / Publius Virgilius Maro

"The seventh, in this Twenty-eighth Series of the fine books made for the members of this Club ... twenty-five color illustrations ... George Salter ... chose eighteen-point Bell italic for the text ... The paper is Ragston Laid made specially for…

The Georgics

"The binding is of Italian buckram, green, with the title stamped in gold leaf on a brown label; and with the sides covered with a hand-made and hand-printed brown-and-green Varese paper. Each copy is placed in a stout brown-and-green slip-case." ;…

The Æneid

"The penultimate volume, in this Fifteenth Series of the fine books made for the members of this Club ... The illustrations are drawings ... printed by photogravure in two impressions. The edition has been designed by R. [Robert] L. Dothard and…

The Birds

"The eighth, in this Twenty-seventh Series of the fine books made for the members of this Club ... pen-and-ink drawings ... The paper is a special sheet made for this edition by the Curtis Paper Company ... The binding is adorned with decorated sides…

The Frogs

"The third in the present series of books issued to the members of this Club... illustrated with twenty-eight wood blocks... The edition is designed by Jan Van Krimpen, and printed under his supervision... The type used is Fleishman, for the first…


"The ninth in the present series ... There are forty pencil drawings by Picasso, and six Picasso etchings printed by hand, especially made to illustrate this book ... printed in black and sanguine ... The type is 18-point Caslon. The binding is of…

The Odyssey of Homer

"The tenth volume in the Forty-fifth Series of fine books made for the members of The Limited Editions Club ... The illustrations are wood engravings ... twenty-four full-page and one vignette ... text composition, in thirteen-point Van Dijck... The…

The Iliad of Homer

"The twelfth and last book in the second series issued to the members of this Club ... in the metric translation of Alexander Pope ... The book is designed, as a companion volume to the Club's edition of The Odyssey, by J. Van Krimpen and printed…