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Oral History Interview with Amy Cooper-Cary, August 24, 2011

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00:00:00 - Introduction 00:01:00 - Prior career in publishing with Borders Group, and mentors and archival education experience at the University of Michigan School of Information

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Keywords: Archival education; Colleagues; College and university archives; Deming, W. Edwards; Education; Hedstrom, Margaret; Management; Mentors; Special collections

Subjects: Archives and libraries; Archivists--training

00:14:36 - Archivist positions at the University of Michigan Special Collections and the University of South Dakota Archives

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Keywords: College and university archives; Lone Arranger; Management; Manuscript collections; Outreach; Professional experience; Service experience; Special collections; Students

Subjects: Archives--Collection management

00:18:41 - First job hunting experience, and learning professional skills on the job

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Keywords: Archival education; Collection management; College and university archives; Description; Dow, Kathleen; Government archives; Professional experience; Professional identity; Students; Users

Subjects: Archivists--training; Professional development

00:27:54 - Archival processing and archival description systems

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Keywords: Access; Archival education; Archival processing; Arrangement; Collection management; Description; Electronic records; Encoded Archival Description (EAD); Finding aids; History of profession; Information technology; Manuscript collections; Professional experience; Professional identity; Technical skills

Subjects: Information technology--United States

00:40:44 - Preparing archivists of the future through archival education

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Keywords: Access; Advocacy; Archival education; Case studies; Electronic records; Historical studies; Information technology; Inspiration; Manuscript collections; Outreach; Professional bias; Professional identity; SAA Core Values of Archivists; Students; Technical skills

Subjects: Archivists--training

00:48:52 - Role of SAA in creating awareness of professional issues through archival education programs

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Keywords: Advocacy; Collaboration; Communication; Electronic records; Manuscript collections; Multimedia; Professional engagement; Professional identity; Professional organizations; SAA Annual Meetings; SAA Regional Meetings

Subjects: Archivists--United States--Societies, etc.

00:54:52 - Career as archivist at the University of Iowa Special Collections

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Keywords: Archives administration; Colleagues; Collection development; Collection management; College and university archives; Description; Digital collections; Diversity; Encoded Archival Description (EAD); Finding aids; Information technology; Outreach; Professional identity; Rare Books; Special collections; Users

Subjects: Archives--Administration

01:11:49 - Transitioning to role as an archival educator at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

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Keywords: Archival education; Archival practitioner; Connections; Personal life; Professional bias; Professional experience

Subjects: Archivists--training

01:18:44 - Archival education as a balance between theory and practice

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Keywords: Archival education; Archival practitioner; Archival theory; Mentors; SAA Archival Educators Roundtable; Slotkin, Helen W. (after 1985, Helen W. Samuels)

Subjects: Archivists--training

01:21:50 - Memories of first SAA annual meeting, and serving in various leadership roles within SAA

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Keywords: Advocacy; American Archivist Editorial Board; History of profession; Involvement in SAA; Leadership; Manuscript collections; Professional identity; SAA Annual Meetings; SAA Archival Educators Roundtable; SAA Manuscript Repository Section; SAA Women Archivists Roundtable; Service experience; Survey; Women

01:32:44 - Service experience with American Archivist Editorial Board, first as a member and then as the Reviews Editor

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Keywords: American Archivist; American Archivist Editorial Board; Archival Outlook; Archivaria; Brinati, Teresa; Colleagues; Diversity; Midwest Archives Conference (MAC); Pugh, Mary Jo; SAA Publications; SAA Publications Board; SAA Staff

Subjects: Archives--publications

01:45:44 - Future of the archival profession

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Partial Transcript: Electronic records, Digital records, Appraisal, User, Digitization, Archives administration, Collection management,

Keywords: Appraisal; Archival education; Archives administration; Born-digital records; Collaboration; Collection management; Digital preservation; Electronic records; Future of SAA; Inspiration; Manuscript collections; Professional identity; Users

01:53:50 - Conclusion of intervew