A15. A Fairy's Story—The Ring Eth

A15. A Fairy's Story-The Ring Eth

A15. Peter Thomas. A Fairy's Story—The Ring Eth. Santa Cruz, California: The Good Book Press, 1981.

76 x 63.5 mm (3” x 2 ½”), 14 pages, 24 copies.

Binding: Full-bound in brown calfskin. Two pages are accordion-style fold-outs. Blind tooling on cover. Paper: White, handmade at Hayle Mill. Printing: Letterpress. Typography: Hand set Goudy Modern and Gallia. Illustration: Printer's ornaments.

“The text is a fairy tale that I wrote. This was the first book I made as a surprise present for Donna’s birthday. The edition was limited to correspond with her age. I had previously set and printed the story as a broadside and wanted to make a miniature book, but did not really want to have to reset all the type. I did not know about accordion books at the time, but looking at an old book with an inset map gave me the idea for folding the pages.”