A51. Papermaking with Kids

A51. Papermaking With Kids

A51. Amariah Randick, Alanna & Russell Simpkin, and Suzanne & Tanya Thomas. Papermaking with Kids. Santa Cruz, California: The Good Book Press, 1988.

76 x 60.5 mm (3” x 2 3/8”), 14 pages, 50 copies.

Binding: Quarter-bound in green sheepskin and blue paper, handmade by Peter Thomas and marbled by the authors. Title in gold on spine. End sheets cream with inclusions, handmade by the authors. Paper: Tan, handmade by the authors from pampas grass. Printing: Letterpress. Typography: Photoengravings of handwritten manuscript by the authors. Illustration: Reproductions of seven line drawings by the authors.

“The text describes how the children made the paper for the book. We were asked to give a talk about papermaking for the Miniature Book Society. This book was made while we shot slides of the neighborhood kids demonstrating the steps involved in making a book. After giving the talk we sold out the edition of the book. It was kind of like having our cake and eating it too.”

Peter and Donna Thomas