A52. The First Christmas Story.

A52. The First Christmas Story

A52 The Bible. The First Christmas Story. Santa Cruz, California: The Good Book Press, 1988.

66.5 x 49 mm (2 5/8” x 1 15/16”), 32 pages, 200 copies.

Binding: Copies 1-25 are full-bound in red Morocco leather. Illustration by Donna Thomas inset on cover. Title in gold below inset. End sheets peach. Copies 26-200 are bound in red paper, handmade by Peter Thomas, over boards. Illustration by Donna Thomas on label inset on cover. Title below inset. End sheets red. Some copies are quarter-bound in red Morocco leather and red paper, handmade by Peter Thomas. Illustration by Donna Thomas on label inset on cover of some copies. End sheets peach. Paper: Cream with red fibers. Printing: Letterpress. Typography: Hand set Centaur. Illustration: Six linocuts by Donna Thomas and eight initials handwritten by Donna Thomas. Illustrations in copies 1-25 hand-colored by Donna Thomas. Notes: Illustration on cover is a letterpress reduction linocut printed on paper handmade by Peter Thomas.

“This is a miniature version of the same text used in our earlier editions of The First Christmas Story [A12] and [A21]. The use of hand drawn initial letters was inspired by Valenti Angelo’s Book of Esther.”

Peter and Donna Thomas