A61. Celia Fiennes - a Record of Seventeenth Century Papermaking

A61. Celia Fiennes

A61. Celia Fiennes. Celia Fiennes - a Record of Seventeenth Century Papermaking. Santa Cruz, California: Peter & Donna Thomas, 1990.

65 x 51 mm (2 9/16” x 2”), 22 pages, 200 copies.

Binding: Copies 1-25 are full-bound in brown goatskin. Title in gold on spine. Copies 26-200 are bound in paper from text of Keble’s Reports over boards. Title and illustration on cover. Title printed on label on spine. End sheets text paper from Keble’s Reports. Paper: Off-white English handmade paper cut from the margins of Keble’s Reports. Printing: Letterpress. Text printed from photoengraving. Typography: Centaur. Illustration: Three photo-reduced linocuts by Donna Thomas. One paper sample tipped in. Copies 1-25 include an original watercolor painting by Donna Thomas tipped in before title page. Notes: Paper taken from a water-stained and incomplete volume of Joseph Keble’s Reports in the Court of Kings Bench at Westminster, from the XII to the XXX year of the reign of Our late Sovereign Lord King Charles II published in England in 1685.

“This was the first time Fiennes’ diary entry had been separately printed. Before painting the watercolor illustration used in 1-25 Donna visited the mill site (which was then being used to manufacture dog food), and studied drawings of the building found in the archives of the Canterbury City Library.”

Peter and Donna Thomas