A73. Good Books

A73. Good Books

A73. Peter Thomas. Good Books: A Bibliography of the Books made by Peter and Donna Thomas 1978-1991. Santa Cruz, California: Peter & Donna Thomas, 1992.

70 x 51 mm (2 ¾” x 2”), 114 pages, 200 copies.

Binding: Quarter-bound in brown leather and green, blue, and brown marbled paper over boards. Title in gold on spine. End sheets beige. Paper: White with colored fibers, handmade by Peter Thomas. Printing: Letterpress. Text printed from polymer plates. Illustrations printed from metal engravings. Typography: Digital, typeface unknown. Illustration: Reproductions of twenty-one illustrations by Donna, Tanya, and Suzanne Thomas. Notes: Copies 1-25 are housed in a case measuring 15 x 9 cm (6” x 3 5/8”); bound to match book. Book inset in foam block covered in grey paper attached to back inside cover. Examples of original pages from Peter and Donna Thomas's books are included in a handmade paper pocket attached to front inside cover.

“Inspired by bibliographies West Coast printers like Adrian Wilson and the Grabhorns had made, we decided to make one of our own. I am not sure why we chose 1991 to do it, except to celebrate a decade of making miniature books. It was a miniature book and was miniature book centric: we listed the thirty-seven miniature books as A 1-37, the six books we made before our first miniature as B 1-6, and the larger books made after first our first miniature as C 1-9.”

Peter and Donna Thomas