A86. Nature's Heart

A86. Nature's Heart

A86. John Muir. Nature’s Heart. Santa Cruz, California: Peter & Donna Thomas, 1996.

45.5 x 58 cm (17 7/8”x 23”), 13 pages, 12 copies.

Binding: Coptic binding. Covers are leather with raised design on front cover. Title in gold on leather label on cover. Colored leather onlay. End sheets grey. Paper: White, handmade by Peter and Donna Thomas. Printing: Colored pulp applied through stencils to handmade paper before pressing. Typography: Donna’s lettering hand cut as stencils. Illustration: Eight watercolor paintings by Donna Thomas. Notes: Each copy was made with different binding, materials, and illustrations. This description is of copy number one.

“Each copy of the edition has the same text (a quote from John Muir’s essay ‘Three Adventures in the Yosemite’), which was made by stenciling the words with wet pulp on the freshly made sheet before the paper was pressed and dried. Each of the twelve copies was illustrated and bound by Donna in a completely different manner. The version described above is number one.”

Peter and Donna Thomas