E9. Naropa

E9. Naropa 2004

E9. Peter and Donna Thomas comp. Naropa. [Boulder, Colorado]: n.p., 2004.Thomas, 2004.

161 x 32 mm (6 ¼” x 1 ¾”), 8 pages, 10 copies.

Binding: “Dowel spine portfolio”; a single piece of paper is folded to create pockets on front and back inside covers and held together by an oblong strip of painted wood inserted through slits in the spine. Portfolio paper is printed with words featured on the broadsides. Eight broadsides housed in the pockets of the portfolio. Paper: Various colors of commercial Canson. Printing: Letterpress. Notes: Seven broadsides and one title page. The title page verso is signed by the participants. Made by Peter and Donna Thomas in collaboration with students at the 2004 Summer Writing Program at Naropa University.

“This was the first of two portfolios of broadsides we made during the SWP workshop. This first one was intended to be simpler; each broadside had only a few words of the students’ choice, which they hand set and letterpress printed. Students learned letterpress basics as we printed the text, and gained bookbinding skills when we made the ‘dowel spine portfolio structure’ to hold the broadsides. The title page is conceptual: The title, Naropa, and the date, 2004 are printed horizontal, with the place, abbreviated as SWP, running vertically between the title and date. ”

Peter and Donna Thomas