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Empty Shelves
The empty shelves at Aldi on Capitol Drive.

Toilet Paper Lane
Just a lonely stroll down toilet paper lane at Walmart.

Stay Safe MKE
The Oriental Theatre's sign on Milwaukee's East Side after the Governor's proclamation closed theaters, restaurants, and bars.

One Room School House
Homeschooling with a large family.

Downer Theater Dark Due to COVID-19
Our local art house theater, closed due to the virus.

Grandma’s Visit
Grandma felt like taking a drive, so she dropped off some coupons for me in our mailbox while my children and I waved to her from the driveway.

Thank You Delivery Drivers
A sign seen at the corner of Locust and Humboldt thanking delivery drivers.

Closed Out of Caution
On March 19, both the city of Milwaukee and Milwaukee County closed all playgrounds and parks. These signs were posted at playgrounds announcing the decision

Miss you during this time. Can’t wait for a real hug.
My mom is 62 and immunocompromised. She’s helping make masks for local hospitals so I ran and picked up some fabric for her and hung it on the doorknob for her. I would love for her to come in.

Journal Entry
Jonas is a third grader in Milwaukee. He wrote this on the first page of the journal that his mom asked him to keep in this time off from school for coronavirus.
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