Positivity Through Stickers and Ghost Hugs

"Milwaukee Stay Home"

Stuck on a parking meeter in the East Side. Asking people to follow stay-at-home orders.

Quarantine Cat

An appropriate addition to Black Cat Alley during the global pandemic.

I live right next to Black Cat Alley, so I am often passing through. Aside from the amazing murals in the Alley, there are also several spots where people like to stick stickers and I've admired them for a while. Soon after, I started noticing stickers all around the city on my daily walks. During this ever so strange time, the way people utilize stickers as a way to express themselves and leave their mark on the city hasn’t changed. I hope by looking at all of these photos collectively it paints a more complete picture of the people that live in Milwaukee, specifically during this global pandemic.

Positivity Through Stickers and Ghost Hugs