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Solidarity in Milwaukee


I photographed displays of solidarity in Milwaukee, Wisconsin during the global pandemic. The response of several Milwaukee staples has been to make signs and artwork to portray a solidarity with their patrons and community members. I chose this project because of the transience of these displays. Some have changed already, and others will be a lasting memory of this moment in time. I hope to show how our city has come together in such an uncertain time.

During the Safer at Home order, art and signs cover the outside of businesses, schools, and other organizations that have closed. The state of society is noticeably strange, with most buildings forced to remain closed throughout the months of March, April and now May. There is no certainty for the summer months following Governor Evers’ extended order, and small businesses continue to weather this storm. There are sculptures with face masks, billboards, and windows covered with at-home art projects. Playgrounds and parks have been closed off and grocery stores and restaurants have changed the way customers filter through. I'm interested in doing this project because I see these public displays as I go for walks or scroll through social media. This project along with the rest of the JAMS class is important for the collective memory of this historic period. People respond well to displays of solidarity and it is something that is relevant to the Milwaukee community, and the rest of the world.

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Positivity Through Stickers and Ghost Hugs


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