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What I Would've Worn


As I have been stuck in my house for quarantine, I have found that the urge to dress up hasn’t gone away, even as there is no one to see me. I decided to funnel this desire to wear regular clothes, going out clothes, work clothes even, into a photo project. “What I Would’ve Worn” is a series of photographs documenting outfits I planned to wear to events that have been canceled or indefinitely postponed.

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Positivity Through Stickers and Ghost Hugs


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Desolate Spaces


During quarantine I took pictures of empty parking lots around the area. Because of the global pandemic currently going on, I wanted to see how places have changed due to the lack of human contact. It was both interesting and a little eerie at  to see what you can find in empty spaces that are usually filled with so much life. By showing a space that was once always busy and full, it symbolizes how we all have to do our part in staying home so that those empty spaces can once again be filled with life when this pandemic is finally over. This project is meaningful to me and the larger community as well.

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Time Off in My Room


Quarantine has shifted our current schedules and opened up copious amount of free time. With all this time on your hands, you spend a lot of time with yourself and your own thoughts. For many, this has been a time of great self-reflection and internal realization, and time in our bedroomsa place where we can be entirely ourselves, and it shows.

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Light in a Dark Place


Pets can bring so much light in such a dark place. During this difficult time it is so important to be mindful of your mental health and always remember that your pets will be there no matter what!

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Cocktails for Quarantine

April 22, 2020. Monkey Gland.

A selection of daily cocktails from the first 50 days (and counting) of the pandemic, since March 14, 2020, (day 1).

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