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COVID Relief.jpg

Relief, Christina Grev, 2021

I signed up to get the COVID vaccine as soon as UWM sent out an email saying that they were available. With everything that has been going on in my…

Confronting the covid-19 uncertainty


Confronting the covid-19 uncertainty, Kolawole S. Olawoyin, 2021

In the picture is me, Kolawole S. Olawoyin and Obafemi Martins, a professional soccer player (with dreadlock). I embarked on a trip to Nigeria to see…

Even the Top Can Fall


Even the Top Can Fall, Zachary Anason, 2021

This is the 100 E Wisconsin building located on Wisconsin Avenue in downtown Milwaukee. Before the Covid-19 pandemic there was a more predominant law…

Even the Top Can Fall

Even the Top Can Fall, Zachary Anason, 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected a great deal of people. Some of them are lower on the sociology economic ladder and others are a bit higher on that…

A sense of hope


A sense of hope, Taylor Drover, When quarantine first started.

So I usually tend to be a solid mix of an optimist and a realist. This picture that I took with my dog Winnie helped me look at the idea of quarantine…

What Remote Learning Looks Like For Me-Ivy Neas


What Remote Learning Looks Like For Me-Ivy Neas, Myself, A day of my spring break vacation

My boyfriend and I traveled to Roanoke, Virginia via a twelve-hour road trip. We didn't want to go somewhere heavily populated, for obvious reasons,…



Growth, Noor Fleifel, 2020

My experience with coronavirus was honestly not that positive. I went through a lot of hardships and obstacles only in one year and my environmental…

Morning Meetings with COVID-19


Morning Meetings with COVID-19, Anita Ayala, Friday morning 03/26/2021

Every morning at Kelmann Restoration, there is a 30 to 40 minute meeting to discuss what the day entails as far as work to be done and what was left…

Being a Teacher During a Pandemic

Being a Teacher During a Pandemic, Stefanie Roldan-Calderon, The videos were taken on March 27th of 2021.

The video demonstrates the difficulties of being a non-English speaker teacher during a pandemic. Since last year, I've been observing my mom teach…

Home Office


Home Office, Isaac Putzier, Spring 2021 Semester

Since the start of online school this has been my work office. I decided to find an extra monitor so I could easily watch lecture and take notes or…

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