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Amanda Seligman, Awaiting Pandemic: March 12, 2020

Amanda Seligman 2020, Awaiting Pandemic: March 12, 2020

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Diary of a Plague


Diary of a Plague, Sophonisba F., age 15, 2020

You will notice there are some dots and dashes on my diary. This is how I open and close my diaries. It's Morse Code, but in my handwriting it might…

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Chris Cantwell, The Jewish Community Center Closes

JCC Closing.pdf

Chris Cantwell, The Jewish Community Center Closes, March 14, 2020

This is the email sent by the Jewish Community Center announcing that it was closing. I am struck by the Jewish themes woven throughout the letter,…

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Thank You Notes


Thank You Notes, Chris Cantwell, 2020

Several residents on Milwaukee's East Side took the call to "social distance" very serious and stayed home. To help pass the time, neighbors shared…

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Empty Shelves

meat aisle.jpeg

Empty Shelves, Chris Cantwell, 2020

The empty shelves at Aldi on Capitol Drive.

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Oh Well


Oh Well, James Hegarty, 2020

This is trivial in comparison to everything else going on, but this weekend was supposed to be my son Colin’s first state hockey tournament. I’m…

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COVID-19 Whiteboard


COVID-19 Whiteboard, Lydia Fleisher, 2020

I am a sixth grader at Golda Meir School in Milwaukee. I wanted to make a board with events coming up but everything got canceled because of the…

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Report to the Commons


Report to the Commons, Amanda Seligman, 2020

Glen Hills Middle School is distributing work packets and Chromebooks to students who will be out of school for the next several weeks. The eight…

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Colectivo Closed


Colectivo Closed, Joseph Walzer, 2020

I stopped in to the Colectivo on Humboldt to stock up on coffee for self-isolation around 2pm on Monday, March 16. I luckily caught them before they…

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Grocery Store Display

Fresh Thyme.jpg

Grocery Store Display, Joseph Walzer, 2020

I encountered this display at the Fresh Thyme grocery store on Water and Pleasant Streets while searching for eggs.

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