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City Tour Carts


City Tour Carts, Lizzie Hjelle, 2020

People driving around the city on the tour carts.

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Pandemic Pup


Pandemic Pup, Koryn Bennett, 2020

One of the biggest quarantine activities that has been accepted worldwide is walking. Not only that but the shelters are clear! Cheers to rescue pets!…

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Six Feet


Six Feet, Koryn Bennett, 2020

Enjoying an afternoon walk with a pandemic pup, a recently rescued Great Pyrenees, six feet apart with a medical mask.

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Fun Inside

Reid Family 7.jpeg

Fun Inside, Dumaine Reid, 2020

Outdoor activities play a big role in the lives of many families. Yet, during the times of the COVID-19, staying inside is imperative for the safety…

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1 (54).jpg

Easter, Derek Johnson, 2020

When most Easter activities have been cancelled, someone set up an "Easter egg" hunt along the Ice Age Trail by Milwaukee for people to take part in.…

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We Zoom

We Zoom, Jordan Limonov, 2020

A bunch of high school kids get bored and waste their time at Centennial Park.

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Family Living Room


Family Living Room, Marc Tasman, 2020

The living room of our East Side Milwaukee bungalow has been converted from the social and entertainment use-space to include the school work, music,…

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Baby Yoda with Toilet Paper


Baby Yoda with Toilet Paper, Scott Yanoff, 2020

My daughter, Carly Yanoff, drew this in our driveway in Shorewood.

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Spring Sidewalk Fun

sidewalk activities 3 25 20.jpg

Spring Sidewalk Fun, Amanda Seligman, 2020

Out on a walk in our Glendale subdivision, my girls and I enjoyed a series of "Spring Sidewalk Fun" activities left in chalk by a neighbor. Activities…

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Hip Sanitizer Dispenser


Hip Sanitizer Dispenser, Tyler

I brought my hand sanitizer with me on a hike in Eagle, WI

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