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Diet Lite's COVID-Free Approval

Diet Lite's COVID-Free Approval, Evan Marsalli, Kelson Kuzdas, Max Niemann, 2021

This item is a video that Diet Lite created to promote their new album, Seems To Be The Way It Tends To Go. The significance behind this video is that…

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Leaving Lakefront Brewery's First Fish Fry Curbside Pickup

Leaving Lakefront Brewery's First Fish Fry Curbside Pickup, Elaina Rubeo, 2020

Short video of me combining once-a-day limited exercise with supporting a local eatery. Lakefront Brewery had announced they were re-opening for…

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u/MKE1969, Three Stooges PPE


u/MKE1969, Three Stooges PPE, April 15, 2020

Sculptures of the three Stooges wearing masks in front of Lakefront Brewery. The heads used to belong to fermenting tanks for the brewery and when the…

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