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FirstStage, "UNMUTED" The Play Interview: Relatability & Visibility

A Facebook Live interview with the playwright, director, lyrical composer, and two actors from the FirstStage Theater play, "UNMUTED" by Alvaro Rios.

FirstStage, "UNMUTED" The Play Interview: Relatability & Visibility, April 30th, 2021

In this interview, the origins, the challenges, and the conversations that took place during the production of "UNMUTED" are discussed with the play's…

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FirstStage Theater, "UNMUTED"A Virtual Play Written by Alvaro Saar Rios

"UNMUTED" A Virtual Play by Alvaro Saar Rios and FirstStage Theater about the struggles and connections in an virtual gym class

FirstStage Theater, "UNMUTED"A Virtual Play Written by Alvaro Saar Rios, April 30th, 2021

Written by UW-Milwaukee Theater Professor Alvaro Rios, this virtual play illustrates the emotions, frustration, and even connections made in a virtual…

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Sacrifice Now, So They Don't Have To (in Hmong and English)

A painting of a man wearing a mask, handing a young child a mask to wear.  The older man is thinking about the graduation, prom, and in-person learning he was denied so that the younger person may stay safe.

Sacrifice Now, So They Don't Have To (in Hmong and English), Chong Lee, Creative Health Collective, 2020

The creator of this piece, Chong Lee is a recent high school graduate, and a member of Milwaukee’s Hmong community. Lee’s goal in creating was to…

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Halloween Candy

halloween 2020.jpg

Halloween Candy, Amanda I Seligman, 2020

Local municipalities in SE Wisconsin usually set Trick or Treating hours on the Sunday afternoon before Halloween. This year, they all declined to set…

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A Pint-Sized Pandemic Perspective

A Pint-Sized Pandemic Perspective, Sarah Vickery, 2020

One day during lunch, my three-year-old son told me that he wished the pandemic was over. I started recording my questions and his answers and was…

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Distanced Trick-or-Treat

Pandemic Halloween 2.jpg

Distanced Trick-or-Treat, Sarah Vickery, 2020

This pandemic has taken so much away from all of us, but especially the kids. It didn't seem fair to take away Halloween too, but the rise in COVID…

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Welcome Home Gia

welcome home gia 5 31 20.jpg

Welcome Home Gia, Amanda I Seligman, 2020

A Glendale family welcomes home a new child and celebrates a big brother.

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Gathering Safely

New Normal Communication.jpeg

Gathering Safely, Kitonga Alexander, 2020

As some in the Milwaukee community struggle to avoid gathering in high numbers to follow social distancing rules, current technologies are utilized…

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Infant PPE

Baby PPE.jpg

Infant PPE, Kitonga Alexander, 2020

An infant born two months before the Safer at Home Order is fitted for a protective mask. The current conditions of social distancing could possibly…

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We are also Super Heroes


We are also Super Heroes, Tommy Barrett, 2020

The sign "We are also Super Heroes" is on the fence gate of Ebenezer Child Care Center downtown Milwaukee. A photo of the Operations Director is…

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