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Pickup Window at Lucky Liu's

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Pickup Window at Lucky Liu's, Oscar Harding, 2020

Having closed due to a combination of the COVID-19 situation and xenophobic, racist abuse towards staff, Chinese restaurant Lucky Liu's finally…

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u/rockerdude22_22, Brady St. Saves the Day

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u/rockerdude22_22, Brady St. Saves the Day, April 16, 2020

On weekends especially, the bars and restaurants on Brady St. are full of life with Milwaukee's younger population. This meme captures the fact that…

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Lucky Liu's, Lucky Liu's Announces Temporary Closure Due to Racist Abuse


Lucky Liu's, Lucky Liu's Announces Temporary Closure Due to Racist Abuse, March 21, 2020

In addition to being one of many restaurants affected by the crisis, in this post Lucky Liu's announces it is completely closing, as opposed to…

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Ma Staying Safe

Ma Fischer's.jpg

Ma Staying Safe, Heidi Panos, 2020

The 'Ma' statue from Ma Fischer's Restaurant is decked out in a new face mask to remind others to stay safe.

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Prospect & Kane "Rush Hour"


Prospect & Kane "Rush Hour", David Loken, 2020

Prospect & Kane looking south during what would normally be rush hour filled with cars, buses, and people walking on the sidewalks.

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Up & Under Pub Closed During the COVID-19 Pandemic


Up & Under Pub Closed During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Elisabeth Kaune, 2020

The Up & Under Pub on Brady Street, closed during the pandemic. The sign above the door reads "Hang tough MKE. Stupid Virus."

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Crossroads Collective Sign


Crossroads Collective Sign, Anonymous, 2020

Local businesses had to get creative during the COVID-19 crisis. Here, the Crossroads Collective offers curbside pick-up only and explains that…

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Anonymous, Email from Theater Company

Screen Shot 2020-03-19 at 3.00.09 PM.png

Anonymous, Email from Theater Company, March 17, 2020

Theater Company sharing a response to them about keeping their production going during the pandemic.

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Stay Safe MKE

20200317_173657138_iOS copy.png

Stay Safe MKE, Christopher D. Cantwell, 2020

The Oriental Theatre's sign on Milwaukee's East Side after the Governor's proclamation closed theaters, restaurants, and bars.

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Grocery Store Display

Fresh Thyme.jpg

Grocery Store Display, Joseph Walzer, 2020

I encountered this display at the Fresh Thyme grocery store on Water and Pleasant Streets while searching for eggs.

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