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Now Serving 993


Now Serving 993, Lisa Idarraga, 2021

Deli counter, Glorioso’s Market on Brady Street. You can see the floor markings for social distancing, masks required and the sign behind the counter…

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Hand Dryer Deactivated

IKEA 5 23 21.jpg

Hand Dryer Deactivated, Amanda Seligman, 2021

The IKEA store in Oak Creek deactivated its hand dryers to prevent the spread of the virus through the air.

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Hospital Approval Cards


Hospital Approval Cards, Laura Westphal, 2020

These cards were given to you after passing the Covid-19 screening. You had, and still have, to have the card to get into St. Luke's Hospital in order…

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Dirt Farm Roads of Minnesota


Dirt Farm Roads of Minnesota

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Ben Schultz, Clarence Kinnard's 21st birthday party

An image showing a virtual birthday party taking place inside a Zoom call.

Ben Schultz, Clarence Kinnard's 21st birthday party, April 2020

These two images depict the 21st birthday party of UWM Student Association member Clarence Kinnard, occurring in April 2020 in his hometown of Racine,…

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Ifedayo Kehinde, Masks and Selfies

Taking selfies with a face mask

Ifedayo Kehinde, Masks and Selfies, Ifedayo Kehinde, August 14,2020

This item is a social media post I tweeted at the Union Station in Chicago. Having masks with you always became like having an ID card or passport;…

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Cloud Gaming during the lockdown.

Cloud gaming on an iPad during the lockdown.

Cloud Gaming during the lockdown., Ifedayo Kehinde, Ifedayo Kehinde, 2021

Playing video games with friends during the pandemic was a good way to spend my time during the pandemic. Google Stadia is a new cloud gaming platform…

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Apple Watch Handwashing timer.

Apple Watch handwashing feature that lets you know handwashing has lasted at least 20 seconds.

Apple Watch Handwashing timer., Ifedayo Kehinde, Ifedayo Kehinde, 2020

During the pandemic, Apple, manufacturers of iOS and macOS devices, introduced a feature to help us track how long we should wash our hands. The World…

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COVID 19 Home Remedy

The home remedy used to combat the COVID-19 virus.

COVID 19 Home Remedy, Ifedayo Kehinde, Ifedayo Kehinde, 2020

Lemon, honey, ginger, hot water, and vitamin C are some of the things my folks back home advised me to be taking every morning and evening to ‘combat’…

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Isabel Mancl, A Masked Performance? No Problem for the UWM Opera Theater

A photo of a masked performer singing in Italian during a performance of UWM Opera Theater's "Le Nozze di Figaro."

Isabel Mancl, A Masked Performance? No Problem for the UWM Opera Theater, April 13th, 2021

Soprano for the UWM Opera Theater, Isabel Mancl had a powerful performance in the UWM production of "Le Nozze di Figaro" that streamed virtually April…

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