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Colectivo Closes Only After Response to Worker Demands

2020, Colectivo Closes Only After Response to Worker Demands

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Literature Distributed to Healthcare Workers


Literature Distributed to Healthcare Workers, Ascension Wisconsin

, 2020

Everyone that worked at Ascension St. Francis Hospital in Milwaukee had to take an online class about how to put on and take off PPE (personal…

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Empty Urgent Care


Empty Urgent Care, Laura Westphal, 2020

I had to take my mom to an urgent care clinic in West Allis (for an issue not related to COVID-19). This urgent care clinic is usually packed with…

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Ascension Columbia St. Mary’s


Ascension Columbia St. Mary’s, Kelly Cantwell, 2020

I was just out for a walk and was amazed by all of the signs. This one especially felt heavy to me.

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Whole Foods Special Hours


Whole Foods Special Hours, LKNJ, 2020

Signs on Whole Foods explaining new hours for high-risk customers.

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"This is fruined."

"This is fruined.", Sarah Vickery, 2020

My 2.5-year-old son loves to visit our local Hales Corners playground and park, which is within walking distance of our house. I managed to grab a…

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Heroes Work Here


Heroes Work Here, Mollie Thompson, 2020

Put up in front of Ascension Columbia St. Mary's on N Lake Dr. in support of the essential workers that risk their lives everyday helping fight…

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UWM “Getting Outside” Presentation


UWM “Getting Outside” Presentation, LKNJ, 2020

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Recreation department hosted a webinar about how to get outside safely during the pandemic.

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Making Masks


Making Masks, John Harry, 2020

In preparation of leaving the house for the first time since the CDC’s mask wearing recommendation, my wife Rikki is sewing us masks out of old pillow…

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Making Cloth Masks at Home


Making Cloth Masks at Home, Martha Carlin, 2020

President Donald Trump and the Centers for Disease Control waited until 3 April 2020 before they announced that everyone should wear cloth face masks…

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