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Ben Schultz, Clarence Kinnard's 21st birthday party

An image showing a virtual birthday party taking place inside a Zoom call.

Ben Schultz, Clarence Kinnard's 21st birthday party, April 2020

These two images depict the 21st birthday party of UWM Student Association member Clarence Kinnard, occurring in April 2020 in his hometown of Racine,…

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Ifedayo Kehinde, Masks and Selfies

Taking selfies with a face mask

Ifedayo Kehinde, Masks and Selfies, Ifedayo Kehinde, August 14,2020

This item is a social media post I tweeted at the Union Station in Chicago. Having masks with you always became like having an ID card or passport;…

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UWM Student Vaccination

Image of Out of State student holding up vaccination record card and accompanying stickers

UWM Student Vaccination, Emily N. Demler, 2021

As an out of state student from Indiana, I did not know when I would be able to receive the vaccine due not being in my home state where my regular…

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Determination Rewarded

Determination Rewarded: Family selfie on the couch including the dog proud of Mom receiving  a Determination Award.

Determination Rewarded, Elizabeth M. Loomer

This pandemic has been a struggle for many people. Along the way there have been moments of joy and reward. A non-traditional student is just one of…

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Masks Multiplied

Masks Multiplied: Healthcare worker wearing multiple masks and face shield.

Masks Multiplied, Elizabeth M. Loomer

As a tissue specialist in the medical field masks are not something new for Jess. Masks are something that is a regular part of her daily routine well…

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Daily Uniform


Daily Uniform, Nicole Muccio, 2020

Nicole Muccio, RN shares a selfie of herself in her daily uniform. Nicole is wearing a face mask and goggles during her shift at Froedtert Hospital…

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Drive Through Affection


Drive Through Affection, Stephanie Brown, 2020

Safety became a priority after the conditions of COVID-19 created an environment of uncertainty globally. This uncertainty impacted the African…

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Day 1 & Day 24: Covid Shave


Day 1 & Day 24: Covid Shave, Kelly Cantwell, 2020

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Senegal Selfie


Senegal Selfie, Craig Wiroll, 2020

I took this selfie while hauling ~140 pounds of luggage through the airport in Dakar Senegal, West Africa where I was being evacuated back to America…

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