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Ben Schultz, Clarence Kinnard's 21st birthday party

An image showing a virtual birthday party taking place inside a Zoom call.

Ben Schultz, Clarence Kinnard's 21st birthday party, April 2020

These two images depict the 21st birthday party of UWM Student Association member Clarence Kinnard, occurring in April 2020 in his hometown of Racine,…

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COVID Update Board

A Board with a sign reading COVID-19 Updates with packets attached to it with policy updates.

COVID Update Board, Aaron Krebsbach, 2021

In the breakroom, there is a board. On the board is a starburst sign. This board is dedicated to the changing policies and contact information of…

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Sanitization Station

A stand with masks and hand sanitizer on it.

Sanitization Station, Aaron Krebsbach, 2021

Placed at every entrance is a stand with free masks and hand sanitizer for customer and employee use. These were installed in the Summer of 2020 and…

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Plexiglass Sheilds

Plexiglass Shields affixed to a desk.

Plexiglass Sheilds, Aaron Krebsbach, 2021

Plexiglass shields put up to conduct business at the contractors desk. They are also set up at each cash register, every desk that interacts with…

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Mask Sign

A sign saying that all customers must wear a mask including those who have been vaccinated

Mask Sign, Aaron Krebsbach, 2021

A sign asking customers and to wear a mask even if they have been vaccinated. This retailer does ask their customers to wear masks, they do not…

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Curbside Pickup Sign

Curbside Pickup Sign

Curbside Pickup Sign, Aaron Krebsbach, 2021

A curbside pickup sign in the parking lot of a retailer. A customer pulls up and calls, texts, or uses the app to notify the store they are there. An…

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Larry Kilmer, Student Union Clean and Disinfect Sign

Photograph of a sign found in the Student Union asking users to clean and disinfect surfaces they use

Larry Kilmer, Student Union Clean and Disinfect Sign, April 11, 2021

This was one of the first images you see in the UWM Student Union when entering the building from the east on the “Campus Level” near Burger King. If…

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Social Distancing Signs

Two paper signs about social distancing requirements placed in metal frames on hospital walls around the insides of St. Luke's.

Social Distancing Signs, Michael Reno, 2021

The Covid-19 screening station for St. Luke’s in Milwaukee. The nurses manning it would take your temperature and ask you the hospitals Covid…

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Social Distancing Sticker

A sticker on the floor with foot prints asking to maintain six feet of distance.

Social Distancing Sticker, Aaron Krebsbach, 2021

A social distancing sticker on the floor of a retailer. These are spread throughout the store and have been there since April 2020 replacing the tape…

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Panthers Protect Panthers

signage 8 26 20.jpg

Panthers Protect Panthers, Amanda Seligman, 2020

A sign in UWM's AUP 170 tells occupants of the room how to practice social distancing.

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