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Ifedayo Kehinde, Masks and Selfies

Taking selfies with a face mask

Ifedayo Kehinde, Masks and Selfies, Ifedayo Kehinde, August 14,2020

This item is a social media post I tweeted at the Union Station in Chicago. Having masks with you always became like having an ID card or passport;…

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UWM Kenilworth Sign Up for Move Out

Screenshot of Sign-up genius for moving out of UWM Kenilworth Apartments

UWM Kenilworth Sign Up for Move Out, Joel Bushman, Spring 2021

Despite things looking up with people finally being able to get vaccinated, precautions still need to take place with covid still proving an issue.…

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Open Air Adventures

Open Air Adventures: Family exploring National Parks due to virtual learning and attempts to get outside.

Open Air Adventures, Elizabeth M. Loomer

Even with everything that has been going on with the pandemic there are some positives that have been found and appreciated in the chaos. Did you know…

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Confronting the COVID-19 Uncertainty


Confronting the COVID-19 Uncertainty, Kolawole S. Olawoyin, 2021

In the picture is me, Kolawole S. Olawoyin and Obafemi Martins, a professional soccer player (with dreadlock). I embarked on a trip to Nigeria to see…

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Senegal Selfie


Senegal Selfie, Craig Wiroll, 2020

I took this selfie while hauling ~140 pounds of luggage through the airport in Dakar Senegal, West Africa where I was being evacuated back to America…

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Anonymous, Involuntarily Quarantined

Anonymous, Involuntarily Quarantined

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