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Ascension Healthcare, Staffing Vaccination Sites

staffing for vaccines.pdf

Ascension Healthcare, Staffing Vaccination Sites, December 22, 2020

As the vaccine rollout began, Ascension Healthcare rapidly expanded its number of clinics. The following is an urgent staffing request for both…

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Ascension Healthcare, COVID Vaccine Info

info for associeates about covid 19 vaccine.pdf

Ascension Healthcare, COVID Vaccine Info, December 2, 2020

In December 2020, both Pfizer and Moderna requested emergency use authorization for their vaccines. The following is an email from Ascension…

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Ascension Healthcare, Moderna, Vaccine FAQs

vaccine faqs.pdf

Ascension Healthcare, Moderna, Vaccine FAQs, December 2020

With the introduction of a new type of vaccine (mRNA) to combat the COVID-19 virus, many had questions about the safety and effectiveness of this new…

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CEO Joe Impicciche, Ascension Pep Talk

ascension pep talk 3-11-21.pdf

CEO Joe Impicciche, Ascension Pep Talk, March 11, 2021

A year after the WHO declared the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic, Ascension CEO Joe Impicciche sent out a retrospective email, celebrating the…

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Unknown, WI Vaccine Tracker

WI Vaccine tracker 3-2-21.pdf

Unknown, WI Vaccine Tracker, March 2, 2021

This infographic tracks the progress of the vaccine rollout in the state of Wisconsin. Showing the percentage of the population with at least one…

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Wisconsin Department of Health Services, Vaccine Eligibility

vaccine eligibility info.pdf

Wisconsin Department of Health Services, Vaccine Eligibility, February 2021

As more of the general population received the vaccine, new groups were made eligible to receive the vaccine. On March 1st, educators and other…

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Madison Medical Affiliates, Getting the Moderna Vaccine

appointment reminders.pdf

Madison Medical Affiliates, Getting the Moderna Vaccine, January 11, 2021

This email was sent to confirm an appointment to receive the second dose of the Moderna mRNA vaccine. Both the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines required…

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Kerry Larsen-Berryhill, Make Room for Vaccine Patients

parking reminder.pdf

Kerry Larsen-Berryhill, Make Room for Vaccine Patients, January 25, 2021

As Ascension began ramping up for members of the general population to get the vaccine, preparations had to be made to accommodate large numbers of…

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Ascension Healthcare, Frontline Worker Vaccinations

vaccine progress.pdf

Ascension Healthcare, Frontline Worker Vaccinations, December 2020 - January 2021

In preparation for a rollout to the larger population, frontline healthcare and EMS workers began receiving the vaccine in December of 2020. These…

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Madison Medical, Madison Medical Vaccine Clinics

MMA employee website 2-12-21.pdf

Madison Medical, Madison Medical Vaccine Clinics, February 2021

In February, vaccines for the COVID-19 virus were made available to members of the 65+ population. As part of the rollout efforts for the vaccine,…

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