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Diet Lite's COVID-Free Approval

Diet Lite's COVID-Free Approval, Evan Marsalli, Kelson Kuzdas, Max Niemann, 2021

This item is a video that Diet Lite created to promote their new album, Seems To Be The Way It Tends To Go. The significance behind this video is that…

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A COVID Halloween


A COVID Halloween, Chris Cantwell, 2020

Our block on the East Side of Milwaukee has a lot of kids on it. So we agreed to have a low-key, invite-only Halloween where the kids could get candy…

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Larry Kilmer, Oral History Interview with Joseph Ashley

Larry Kilmer, Oral History Interview with Joseph Ashley, April 27, 2021

This oral history was conducted with Joseph Ashley, an Environmental Services supervisor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. The interview took…

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Even the Top Can Fall

Even the Top Can Fall, Zachary Anason, 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected a great deal of people. Some of them are lower on the sociology economic ladder and others are a bit higher on that…

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Being a Teacher During a Pandemic

Being a Teacher During a Pandemic, Stefanie Roldan-Calderon, The videos were taken on March 27th of 2021.

The video demonstrates the difficulties of being a non-English speaker teacher during a pandemic. Since last year, I've been observing my mom teach…

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What My Remote Learning Looks Like

What My Remote Learning Looks Like, Cruz Casas, 2021

Once Covid-19 took over about a year ago, this is what my remote learning has looked like over the past months of schoolwork here at my house. The…

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Plexiglass & Protocols

Outpost 6.jpg

Plexiglass & Protocols, Wendy Bright, 2021

COVID-19 has changed the way we shop for good. A closer look at three Milwaukee-area grocery stores and their protocols.

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In Isolation

In Isolation, Will Darbyshire, Published November 28, 2020

I found this video on Youtube when my mind was restless and I couldn't fall asleep. I needed something to calm me down so I looked at this channel on…

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A Pint-Sized Pandemic Perspective

A Pint-Sized Pandemic Perspective, Sarah Vickery, 2020

One day during lunch, my three-year-old son told me that he wished the pandemic was over. I started recording my questions and his answers and was…

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Why do you wear a mask? UWM Video

Screen Shot 2020-09-06 at 1.41.26 PM.png

Why do you wear a mask? UWM Video,, August 25, 2020

In an effort to increase mask usage around campus, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee published a video of students demonstrating mask usage and…

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