Masks Multiplied

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Masks Multiplied


As a tissue specialist in the medical field masks are not something new for Jess. Masks are something that is a regular part of her daily routine well getting outfitted for work. As an essential working in the medical field the change came when additional protocols started incorporating significancy more PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and layering items for more protection of essential workers. Safety is the primary concern for all those on the front lines and while this is understandable and is 100% logical it does not mean that it was not something that workers needed a little time to adjust too. Masks on top of masks combined with face shields, safety glasses and multiple sets of gloves it is just one more area of adjustment into the “new-normal” for healthcare workers. In the image Jess is showing us her daily situation as she went about her “regularly” scheduled workday.


Elizabeth M. Loomer


Jessica Derosier


Masks Multiplied: Healthcare worker wearing multiple masks and face shield.


Masks Multiplied, Elizabeth M. Loomer