It's a Process

Dublin Core


It's a Process


As a medical professional Jess was in one of the first groups to be able to receive that COVID-19 vaccine. As demonstrated in the photos it was a process that took several steps to become “officially” vaccinated. Jess had many reasons to want to get the vaccine as soon as possible aside from work. As a mother she wanted to set a good example for her children. As a scientist she believed in and trusted the research and wanted others to do the same. As a granddaughter with grandparents in the high-risk category it was a way to protect them and once again enjoy their weekly time together after a year of being apart. Even with the mask you can see the smile in her eyes as she participates in the process of working to get things back to a more normal pace. And many things have shifted for the positive since the initial phot that was taken December of last year and will continue to do so as mass roll outs of the various vaccines become available and restrictions are lifted.


Elizabeth M. Loomer


It's a Process: Jess receives both shot and proudly displays the completed Vaccination Record Card.


It's a Process, Elizabeth M. Loomer