A Conversation with Jess: An Oral History

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A Conversation with Jess: An Oral History


We as humans are not just one thing. Through our lives we may fill many roles sometime simultaneously. The COVID-19 Pandemic has provided some a time to reevaluate certain aspects of our lives and reflect on what we do have and how to be more purposeful.

For this Oral History I have a conversation with a former classmate now friend that is one of those individuals who is at a confluence of society, in that she is many things to many people. She is a single parent, a non-traditional student, and a healthcare worker. She was able to provide intricate insight through humor and honesty into the convergence and struggle of these areas. Jess shares with us the importance of self-care, loving your children (from a distance at times for sanity proposes) the joy of a homecooked meal and trying new recipes, doing homework alongside her children at the kitchen table, driving across the country while exploring National Parks through a little know program and finally how her affinity for preparation helped put her mind at ease during stressful times.

It is all these individual elements that shape how we experience the world weather it is “normal”, pandemic of “the new normal” it is all related. Everyone’s story is uniquely their own and this is Jess’s story of the COVID-19 Pandemic.


Elizabeth M. Loomer

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Elizabeth M. Loomer


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Elizabeth M. Loomer, A Conversation with Jess: An Oral History