Diet Lite's COVID-Free Approval

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Diet Lite's COVID-Free Approval


This item is a video that Diet Lite created to promote their new album, Seems To Be The Way It Tends To Go. The significance behind this video is that the band actually reached out to real medical doctors over the social media app, Reddit. They originally came up with the idea after watching the TV show, Nathan For You, on Comedy Central which follows comedian Nathan Fielder as he attempts to help struggling business by parodying the methods of marketing and management consultants. The doctor featured in this promotional video is an emergency room doctor from Los Angeles who was gracious enough to take the time out of his incredibly busy schedule to help create this hilarious and heartwarming advertisement for the band.


Evan Marsalli, Kelson Kuzdas, Max Niemann


March 11, 2021



Diet Lite's COVID-Free Approval, Evan Marsalli, Kelson Kuzdas, Max Niemann, 2021