Morning Meetings with COVID-19

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Morning Meetings with COVID-19


Every morning at Kelmann Restoration, there is a 30 to 40 minute meeting to discuss what the day entails as far as work to be done and what was left from the day or week prior. In this office, a small part of the warehouse that I work in, we are required to wear masks and maintain some distance between ourselves. Our Safety director, Pat, who is not pictured, sometimes has us go into the warehouse area, where there is more space, to conduct meetings or training sessions with more space to allow more people to be in a room at a time. On that same table in the picture, my managers have arranged an agreement with me to allow me to use the area to attend my only synchronous class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They are very understanding of my situation and how important my education is to me, so they have been kind enough to offer such accommodations while I work. The day this photo was taken was also the day we were informed that the company would be offering the vaccine for free, if we choose to be vaccinated. Many people expressed their opinions regarding the vaccination but were ultimately reminded that the vaccination was only an option, not a requirement of the company.


Anita Ayala


Friday morning 03/26/2021


Anita Ayala




Morning Meetings with COVID-19, Anita Ayala, Friday morning 03/26/2021