A sense of hope

Dublin Core


A sense of hope


So I usually tend to be a solid mix of an optimist and a realist. This picture that I took with my dog Winnie helped me look at the idea of quarantine in a different way. I took this picture during the beginning stages of quarantine. I had lost my grandma at the beginning of March 2020 only for the lockdown to start shortly after. During this time, I was trying my best to get back into the swing of things and complete my classes. I was having a really hard time. I was getting frustrated because I was so far behind in my classes and then Winnie comes up and yells at me for attention. For some reason, I came to this conclusion. Hear me out. No matter what type of animal you have, you are their entire life. They wait for you to get back from school, work, or wherever else you may go. Without quarantine, none of us would have been able to spend more quality time with our animals. I'm a firm believer that animals can tell how their owner is feeling, and in this case, Winnie really did. I know this is a different way to look at quarantine and the tragedy that COVID-19 has been, however, this interaction that I had with my dog brought some joy and happiness back into my life.


Taylor Drover


When quarantine first started.




A sense of hope, Taylor Drover, When quarantine first started.