Even the Top Can Fall

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Even the Top Can Fall


The Covid-19 pandemic has affected a great deal of people. Some of them are lower on the sociology economic ladder and others are a bit higher on that ladder. I take the viewer through some of the office spaces of what used to be a predominant law firm in the Milwaukee area named Michael Best & Friedrich. This company is located on the top five floors of the 100 E Wisconsin building in downtown Milwaukee. The firm employed over 100 people however once the pandemic hit our area they were closed down, and everything from the office was removed. This is tragic as the people that worked in this business were depending on that income to provide for themselves and their families. These people had seemingly everything and it was quickly stripped away within a week of the pandemic.


Zachary Anason


27 March 2021


Zachary Anason



Even the Top Can Fall, Zachary Anason, 2021