Even the Top Can Fall

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Even the Top Can Fall


This is the 100 E Wisconsin building located on Wisconsin Avenue in downtown Milwaukee. Before the Covid-19 pandemic there was a more predominant law firm named Michael Best & Friedrich LLC. The lawyers in this firm dealt with higher stakes cases such as white collar crimes and more influential people within the state. However, once the pandemic hit Milwaukee over a year ago that business became a remnant of the past. There were over 100 people employed through this firm as it took up the top 5 floors in the building. It's upsetting to me to think about all of those people and how drastically they've had to adjust their life to hopefully make ends meet for their families. When as I walk through these floors of once a flourishing business I still see the remnants of what was left behind. On the walls there are wall paper cut outs and imprints on the floors from where bookshelves used to stand and where desks once sat. It provides a reminder of how this once great hub provided a sense of security and opportunity. However, now vacant, and empty like a ghost town with only the skeletal structure showing. Overall I think it is important to remember that even those at the top suffer from something so durastic. It is a reminder that we are all human capable of feeling emotion during trying times. It is a reminder to look at someone for who they are and what they can do rather than how hard they can fall. Thank you for reading from my experience.


Zachary Anason


27 March 2021


Zachary Anason




Even the Top Can Fall, Zachary Anason, 2021