Confronting the covid-19 uncertainty

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Confronting the covid-19 uncertainty


In the picture is me, Kolawole S. Olawoyin and Obafemi Martins, a professional soccer player (with dreadlock). I embarked on a trip to Nigeria to see my parents last December and the trip is filled with enormous experience. I departed the United States using Delta Airlines on the 31st of December 2020, and I arrived on the first of January 2021. Taking off from General Mitchell International Airport (MKE), Milwaukee, Wisconsin for Atlanta Georgia where I connected a direct flight to Lagos State, Nigeria encompassed new experience ranging from using facemask, taking covid-19 test, being in isolation upon arrival at my destination and fearing other passengers whose health status could not be completely trusted.
I spent two weeks and seven days out of which had to be spent in isolation. I feared seeing my family due to the fact that I just arrived in the country and I was not sure what my status had become. I eventually spent time with my parents but, unfortunately, my return flight schedule had to be rescheduled due to some technical issue by the Delta airlines. While waiting at the airport, the young man with dreadlocks in the picture emerged from one of the offices and I was so surprised to see one of the soccer players that I have always admired. With him was a beautiful young Briton lady and very quickly, I walked up to him. I called him by his nickname, "oba-goal", he turned around and he smiled. I told him, I would like to take a picture with you, and he responded, "ohhh boy! bro. there is covid-19". I responded, just a very quick one and at this time, his girlfriend walked to a side as she did not want to be part the picture. He obliged to my request and that was how that picture was taken. The uncertainty that humanity must navigate during covid-19 pandemic will forever remain in our memory.


Kolawole S. Olawoyin






Confronting the covid-19 uncertainty, Kolawole S. Olawoyin, 2021