Student Union Clean and Disinfect Sign

Dublin Core


Student Union Clean and Disinfect Sign


This was one of the first images you see in the UWM Student Union when entering the building from the east on the “Campus Level” near Burger King. If someone was unaware of cleaning protocols for UWM, this might be the first indication that patrons are expected to share cleaning duties, at least to clean highly used surfaces before and after their own use, for the protection of all. This might have been an unspoken (or undocumented) routine pre-COVID-19 but is now one of many posted expectations throughout the Union. This was the only sign solely dedicated to the topic of self-cleaning and disinfecting surfaces. In fact, this was the only example of this specific sign that could be found after spending approximately 20 minutes on the Campus Level. Slightly disconnected, there was no easily locatable wipes, sprays, or paper toweling within eyesight of this sign which may cause a reduced adherence to the posted expectation.


Larry Kilmer


April 11, 2021




Photograph of a sign found in the Student Union asking users to clean and disinfect surfaces they use


Larry Kilmer, Student Union Clean and Disinfect Sign, April 11, 2021