Student Union Sanitizing Wipe Dispenser 2

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Student Union Sanitizing Wipe Dispenser 2


This sanitizing wipes container was found on the “Campus Level” of the UWM Student Union. It’s located at a highly utilized intersection between the main staircase and elevator that takes visitors from the “Street Level” to the building’s main “Campus Level.” Additionally, it’s located adjacent to the primary public computer area where there are no fewer than 30 computers. No signs accompany the container as to its primary purpose. As depicted in the image, the container was empty. However, this photo was taken on a Saturday and may have been filled before classes resumed on Monday. Based on its location, visitors likely use these wipes for cleaning handrails on the stairs, buttons on the elevator, and highly used components of the publicly accessible computers. This was one of two sanitizing wipes stations found in the Union. Interestingly, neither station was located near signage asking users to “Clean & Disinfect Touch Point Surfaces before and after use” as was found near the food court area of the Union.


Larry Kilmer


April 11, 2021




Photograph of a sanitizing wipe dispenser


Larry Kilmer, Student Union Sanitizing Wipe Dispenser 2, April 11, 2021