Cleaner and Hand Sanitizer

Dublin Core


Cleaner and Hand Sanitizer


This spray bottle of cleaning solution with paper towels and hand sanitizer was found in the School of Architecture and Urban Planning (SARUP) building, in the buildings largest lecture hall. The lecture hall has a current maximum room occupancy of 38 persons, down from approximately 150 pre-COVID 19. There was no indication the cleaning solution was related to the “Clean surfaces you touch” signs located around the building, but this location was an obviously choice considering the touch points of chair arm rests and writing surfaces. This was the most comprehensive cleaning setup found between the Student Union and SARUP buildings. A student can use the spray and towels for their chair arm rests and writing surfaces and then use the hand sanitizer after touching the spray bottle used by other occupants. This was one of only two spray bottles of cleaning solution found in public view in the SARUP building.


Larry Kilmer


April 11, 2021




Photograph of cleaner and hand sanitizer


Larry Kilmer, Cleaner and Hand Sanitizer, April 11, 2021