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A History of Typography at UWM Special Collections


In April 2015, we began our (mostly) weekly social media series Typography Tuesday. This ongoing series makes use of our collections to discuss and demonstrate the development and history of type design, typefounding, and the applications and uses of type and letterpress. Five years later, we edited and chronologically organized the considerable content generated for this series to produce this didactic, online exhibit to explore the history of typography using materials preserved in UWM Special Collections. The exhibit will continue to grow as we post more Typography Tuesday content. Each entry in the exhibit also includes an interactive viewer at the bottom of the page where one may view selected examples in greater detail. We hope you enjoy your journey through typographical history at UWM Special Collections!

UWM Authors 2019-2021


A collection of published works by UW-Milwaukee affiliated authors from April 2019-March 2021. 

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Wood Engraving Tumblr Archive

What is Wood Engraving?

Why wood engraving is confused with other methods such as copper and iron plate engraving or woodcut, but is actually a combination of the two using the grain end of wood.

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